Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nothing New

I realized today that it has been, well, a long time since I have posted anything on this page.  The thing is, I don't have much to show on the knitting front and I don't have much time in which to show you what I don't have.

I am ever so quickly approaching finals week here at school and with all the studying, practicing, rehearsing, and working I don't have much time to knit - or to blog.  I am, of course, still lurking around, but not doing much else.  Practicing has taken up all the free time I usually use to knit, as I have a judged recital coming up and if I don't pass I will no longer be allowed to study music in the conservatory - it's a bit important to say the least.

I will have a HUGE increase in free time after June 10, but until then, you all will just have to wait.  The lace shawl is nearing completion and I have somehow come down with the Clap, but I have yet to take pictures.  Soon, I promise!

Happy knitting.

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  1. Good luck with your recital, Pete! You're almost done!!!!!