Sunday, June 7, 2009

A List

It seems that every day lately there has been something I have wanted to blog about, but haven't had to time.  You see, I just finished my last week of classes for the year and am now preparing for finals and such.  My procrastination, as always, gave me a rather harsh beating this week as I did everything in my power to get everything done in time (the 15-page paper, sadly, didn't make it to the finish line.  I now have until Wednesday evening to get partial credit).

Anyway, here's a list of things I felt the need to share with my readers, but didn't have the time.

May 30, 2009:  I ran into a knitter in the wild!  This is the first time it has ever happened to me and it was kind of cool.  I was attending my friend's senior piano recital and in walks a woman wearing none other than the Fountain Pen Shawl.  Normally my shyness would cause me to pretend I didn't notice, but eventually I went up to her and asked, "Excuse me, is that the Fountain Pen Shawl you're wearing?"  She looked at me as if I had knocked the wind out of her - you know, both speechless and appalled, but then she recovered and asked me how I knew?  When I told her I was a knitter too, her reply was, "Would you like a hug?"  Now, normally I have a no-touch policy, but I thought it would be rude to decline, so this mysterious knitter and I shared a hug amidst the crackers, cheese, and grapes of the reception and I went on my merry way.

May 31, 2009:  I ate a bug today.  No, it wasn't an accident.  You see, I'm one of those freaky animal-loving, talks-to-bugs-more-than-he-talks-to-humans type people.  I always watch where I'm walking so I don't step on ants and I still don't kill mosquitos even if they're biting me (and, I would like to point out that, yes, I am a hypocrite because I am nowhere close to being a vegetarian).  Well, after dinner I was walking outside with my ice cream cone because it was a nice day, and a little river bug got stuck in my melty ice cream!  Any normal person would probably just flick it off or find some way to get rid of it, but as there was no saving this poor little bug and I didn't want it's life to go to waste because of my dumb ice cream cone - I ate it.  Does that make me weird?

June 1, 2009:  Woohoo, it's June!  Today, on my way to class, was the first time this year that it has smelled like summer.  It was wonderful, and no, I can't explain it.

June 2, 2009:  My favorite Iris in the world is about to bloom!  It's in a little patch of flowers outside the library and it didn't bloom last year at all, which made me really sad.  I didn't expect it to bloom this year either - I just assumed it was gone forever, but no!  It's here!  I can't wait!

June 3, 2009: Apparently there's a new spinning video coming out featuring Eunny Jang as "student" and Maggie Casey as "teacher".  I'm really excited and can't wait until I have money again to buy this video.  My lack of a summer job is going to take quite a toll on me, especially as I'm already anticipating having to forego seeing Harry Potter 6 because of it.  :( x100.

June 4, 2009:  My iris bloomed.  No, that's an understatement.  Not only did the iris plant that I am in love with bloom, but there are at least three others just like it in the area.  I'm so happy!  I forgot my camera though...

June 5, 2009:  I brought a bumble bee to class today.  I was on my way up the stairs of "Main Hall", which is highly trafficked between classes, and this poor little guy was standing there just waiting to be stepped on my at least 100 different people, so I quickly picked him up before anyone could hurt him and was then herded into the building before I had time to let him go (he wasn't in a hurry to let go of me either).  I I had to simply hold on to him throughout my entire class.  He was very friendly and spent most of his time in my sweatshirt sleeve.  Does this make me weird?  -  Also, I brought my camera to the irises.  It's out of batteries.

June 5th was quite busy.  I also had an orchestra concert that night and then at 11:30pm I departed on a 5-hour drive back to the Twin Cities so I could go to my best friend's wedding on Saturday morning.  Now I'm back on campus (I had to attend another concert here tonight) and have a final tomorrow.  Hopefully I will have a finished shawl to show you guys by Friday (because I think it would be not very nice to leave for 3 months without giving my LYS the shawl they asked for back in August.)

More to come (maybe with pictures of irises.  I hope they haven't shriveled up already...)


  1. Good luck on finals! Remember, hard work often pays off after time, but procrastination always pays off immediately! oh, and the bug things, yeah they are kinda wierd.

    ravelry - chiknitterguy

  2. Yeah, ditto TA said, and double ditto on the bug = weird part. :-)

    Why are you blogging when you should be writing that paper?

  3. Dude, YES, you are weird. Also: do you forget that our brother works at a movie theater? You can totally watch Harry Potter as many times as you want FOR FREE!

  4. The bug things are TOTALLY weird, but that's ok :)

    Our irises got too heavy for their stems and tipped over only a day or two after they bloomed...I hope yours will stay standing for longer than that!

    Good luck with the final!

  5. what a nice post to read on a cold rainy day! (what happened to spring? is summer ever coming?)

    ok, you love iris? so do i -- i have quite a few in my gardens. right now, the deep purple (almost black) ones are blooming, the peach ones, the lavender/white ones, and the white double blooming one. the small yellow ones bloomed for the first time this year. i've also got your run of the mill purple ones and some light yellow ones. yeah, i have an iris 'problem'. ;)

    (if you check out my gardening tags and look for the floral friday posts from last year, i think i've got a bunch of them pictured)

  6. You're not weird. I save earthworms on the sidewalks going in to work. THAT'S weird, according to my coworkers. I also save wasps and bees by catching a leg with my fingernail and then carrying them outside. I've never been stung in my 31 years doing this. It helps that I have long nails.

    Eating a bug is weird, but I mean that in a slightly admiring way.

    I want to see pictures of those flowers please!

  7. Not weird.


    Trust me. I know weird.

  8. Hm, what a fun post! I would not have eaten the bug myself. I think that does put you a little in the range of odd, and I think I should know. However, I'm totally with you on the smell of Summer and saving bumblebees and how awesome that you met a knitter in public! I got really excited to see a Clapotis in the wild last year, though unfortunately, she was not as warm as your wild knitter.

  9. I love that you shared your buggy experiences - it all fits in with your painting of a budding scene of summer. Finals will be over before you know it, and one way or another, little slices of the treats you are craving will find their way to you. Harry Potter, too, whether or not you get to go for free!