Monday, July 27, 2009

The Tour de Fleece

The Tour de Fleece is over, which I suppose means the Tour de France is over too (who won?), and I have some yarn to show you all!  I took pictures of my progress every day just so that I can see what I've done.  This post is full of pictures of my spindle, so feel free to scroll down to the bottom to see the actual yarn that I made.

My goal came in two parts: 1. to spin merino for the first time, and 2. to spin a yarn that wasn't so twisted that it felt like twine.

I was spinning merino top from J. Knits in the Boston colorway.  Here goes!

Day 1, July 4:

Day 2, July 5:
Day 3, July 6:
Day 4, July 7:
Day 5, July 8:
Day 6, July 9:
Day 7, July 10: This was the day we drove to our cabin
Day 8, July 11: Finished 1st single
Day 9, July 12: Prepped fiber for 2nd ply
Day 10 was a rest day

Day 11, July 14:
Day 12, July 15:
Day 13, July 16:
Day 14 I forgot to spin, days 15 and 16 I didn't bother taking pictures because I only spun about a foot of yarn on each day

Day 17, July 20: Technically a rest day, I made up for missing the day 14
Day 18, July 21:
Day 19, July 22:
Day 20, July 23:
Day 21, July 24: Finished 2nd ply...
Wound 2nd ply...
Re-wound singles, held double for ease of plying...
...and started plying.
Day 22, July 25: Finished plying and washed the skein
...there was a bit of color bleeding.
Last day!  Day 23, July 26: Re-skeined and measured the finished yarn

I ended up with about 388 yards of 2-ply, 11 wpi (roughly DK-weight), 4 oz.  It is super sproingy and really soft.  It may not be as much as some other people did, but I met my challenge and ended up with this great yarn too!

(I then unclimactically tossed it in the direction of my yarn stash where it will sit until I re-discover it at some point in the future.)

Thanks Cookie and Team CrankyPants!  I may have been silent, but I enjoyed the company.


  1. Woo Hoo!

    Well done!

    You're welcome and thank you for joining us. Even if we did scare you a little.


  2. Dude, that yarn is purty.

    Also, I like your use of the word "unclimactically", just because you don't often use words that aren't really words.

    The end.

  3. It looks great, and yippee for achieving your goal of soft and sproingy! I like the idea of the CD on the spindle to give it a bit more breadth too -- very clever!

  4. Fantastic job! Goals met are a great thing, and your finished yarn looks really nice!

  5. Wow, that yarn is like superawesome!! I love how your homespun looks really un-homespunny! It almost makes me want to start spinning!

  6. It looks great!! Well done. Your dog seems to enjoy it as well:)

  7. It looks great! nice yarn, nice pics.

  8. Congratulations! Lovely work.

    Way more fun to follow than Lance.

  9. I'm very impressed with how much you got done, and how even the yarn is. I can't wait to see what you make out of it. :)