Sunday, June 6, 2010


Over the long Memorial Day weekend I was able to take some time to get off campus and explore the surrounding area.  A couple friends and I headed to High Cliff State Park for the day to hike in the woods, swim in the lake, and explore the numerous trails.

The day started out pretty cloudy, but the view was still amazing.  This picture was taken from a tall wooden viewing tower that allowed you to see the lake (and a nearby town if you turned around).

As it was still early and not quite warm enough for a swim yet, we set off to explore some of the trails.

I enjoyed this one, cut deep into the surrounding rock.  It felt like a secret, hidden trial full of enchanted creatures.  In reality, the enchanted creatures were mosquitoes and one had to constantly be moving for fear of being eaten alive, but I liked the trail all the same.

Another trail led us to a series of Native American burial mounds.  It was difficult to actually recognize them as anything other than the natural contours of the land, but this "Buffalo mound" was made easier with the help of the growing grass.

Can you see it?  Its legs are pointing to the right and its head is toward the bottom of the picture.

After that, we had a picnic lunch and then a short dip in the lake.  I had forgotten how much I love swimming in lakes!  I really must do that more often.

In knitting news, I knit a hat last week that actually sometimes looks good on me!  I haven't taken pictures because, well, because pictures of me wearing a hat in June would look silly, but I do like it.  I'll try to remember to show you in the fall.

I also started a sock for the FOURTH time and this time I think it's going to fit.  Keep your fingers crossed, please.

AND, I'm nearing the end of my oldest WIP.  I started it in April of 2008 and finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I'll give you more information about that when it's finished, too.

Hmmmm, that was all quite vague.  Don't worry, I'll give you guys more details in the weeks to come.  Tomorrow begins my week of finals before graduation.  I may not have time to blog again until I'm back home, but I'm sure I'll have more to share!

Sampai jumpa!


  1. Lovely pics. That last one is mesmerizing!

    I have to disagree on the hat thing. I might have missed the memo that hats are verboten in spring/summer, and it wouldn't be the first time, but still, who's really gonna know what season the photo is? Just pretend the weather's cold, like in the professional knitting photo shoots.

    Man, I haven't gone swimming in *ages.* I just replaced my high school swimsuit last year. Thanks for the vicarious experience of getting wet.

  2. I do love this time of year. At least in Maine. We're off to SD at the end of the month, though, to do some camping and hiking with friends and in-laws.

  3. Your photos are beautiful.

    As for sock knitting, I think you're an ideal candidate for the new "1 Pair Dip" group (as opposed to 52 Pair Plunge). Not only are the discussions funny as hell, but there's a lot of encouragement to see if you can knit just one pair of socks over the course of a year.

  4. Oops! I meant to say that the 1 Pair Dip group is on Ravelry (duh!).

  5. What a beautiful place!

    Good luck, sweetie, and please take care of yourself. You know I worry.


  6. Glad you found some time to get outdoors. Good luck with finals and graduation!