Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Declaring a Holiday

I have to say, I'm impressing even myself by blogging today.  I don't even have a day off until Saturday, but I felt compelled to write a bit today, so here I am.

While at work this morning, I wrote today's date on a few papers.  Every time I wrote it, "2-20", I thought to myself, "Why does that sound so familiar?"  I couldn't figure out if I had something scheduled for today that I was forgetting about or if 2-20 was some sort of code for something.  And then it hit me - 220.  As in Cascade 220.  And then I came up with an idea.

I am henceforth declaring today, February 20, in the life of Peter as "Knit With Cascade 220 Day".  And it just so happens that I already have a project in the works with that very yarn.  This is one of those projects that I was really not knitting.  I packed it up when I moved from Pittsburgh back in July and hadn't taken it out since.  Perhaps it's time to get back to it.

I searched far and wide for all of those colors, collecting them over the span of two years until I had them all.  I just couldn't find a single LYS that carried all of them (and I looked in yarn shops in 4 different states).  Of course, I finally found the last one right before I moved to Pittsburgh, where I quickly discovered that my LYS there carried every color of 220.

I was collecting all of those colors to make a Staccato sweater by Kirsten Kapur.  Being unadventurous and completely in love with the one in the photos, I sought to recreate it by using all the same colors.  I won't mention the fact that 4 or 5 of the colors aren't ones that I would have chosen on my own - I was just too smitten with the idea that once I finished this sweater, I too would be able to stand in a foggy field drinking my morning coffee from a ceramic mug.  And also I would have curly black hair like her son.  Knitting is transformative and I was eager to find a farm on which to wear my sweater.  And I got pretty far before I had to pack it up for moving, too.

It's not the most flattering thing on my body as it's an oversized shapeless rectangle, but I adore sweaters/sweatshirts that zip up the front and have hoods and I think this one would get a lot of use.  I think that's why I don't wear any of my handknit sweaters - they're pullovers.  I think maybe I don't like pullovers.

Of course, before I can use this one, I have to finish it.  That involves knitting two sleeves, a hood, a zipper facing, and then weaving in the 32,000 ends from all those stripes that will be on the body, sleeves, and hood.  And then I also have to install the zipper.  So there's still a lot of work ahead of me, but it won't actually be difficult to accomplish.  It'll just take time.

I'm thinking tonight when I'm done practicing I'll settle down with an audiobook and this sweater to get started on a sleeve.  That sounds like a nice evening.  Are you coincidentally knitting anything with Cascade 220 today?


  1. Good to see you blogging again! I really like the 2-20 idea, and I love those colours! Haven't knitted anything with Cascade 220 today, though - but I have sold some! (Am lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to work occasional hours in my favourite LYS.)

  2. I love that idea! Why didn't you mention it last week when I could have planned something? ;^)

  3. Yay! Beautiful colors. I can't believe you have every color of 220 because that is A LOT of colors. Then again, sometimes I don't believe how much yarn I have. I have a some in my basement that I pretend isn't there. I remember when this pattern came out and it looked so cozy with the zipper and hood. Can't wait to see your curly brown hair in the fields photos!

  4. That's the best part of knitting - the visual picture of oneself wearing a completely kick-butt sweater.

    While it's not on the needles yet, I do have up in the design queue a men's sweater in Cascade 220 for sometime this spring!

  5. Today I'm wearing a sweater I'm convince makes me look like a Rowan model. You may not have curly brown hair but that sweater is going to look marvelous on you.

  6. And I thought I was the only one who visualized myself as the person wearing the knitted garment I so want to recreate. A tall beautiful model with long curly red hair. Snap! Okay, I'm back to reality now. One can dream, though.

  7. GASP!! you don't wear any of your hand knit sweaters? I know for a fact that several of them are VERY awesome, and get you lots of compliments! I guess I will have to start designing more cardigans for you :-P (I actually have one or two that I think you would LOVE!! - I will send super secret pics once I take them, just to entice you)

  8. Even though I am late to the party, the only thing I AM working on uses Cascade 220 - a baby blanket in squares of various shades of red. Squares are about all I can manage these days.
    (Also, if you figure out how knitting will make your hair curl, do let me in on the secret, cuz I would about kill for some naturally curly red hair.)