Saturday, July 6, 2013

Continuing Right Along

Despite the new yarn arriving for my next sample sweater, I managed to finish the yoke of my Icelandic sweater after all.  I swatched for the new sweater and then while I was waiting for those swatches to dry, I quick knit up to the neck of my own sweater.

It seemed like a pretty reasonable stopping point now that the stranded work is done.  What's left now is to knit the neckband, cut the thing open, add a zipper and weave in the ends.  In short, the finishing.  I also consider this a decent point to stop because I don't yet know what I want to do with the neckline.  The directions in the pattern leave something to be desired and I think I'm going to have to play around a bit.  Due to the patterning on the yoke, there was no simple way to add short rows in the back to raise the neckline, so I may try to do some of that in the collar.  It's still to be determine, so I'll mull that over as I work on this next sample.

The sample, though I can't show you, is cruising right along.  Despite it being for a 44" chest, I'm about 1/3 of the way through.  Unemployment does have it's benefits, doesn't it?  I've also been zipping through audiobooks like candy and it seems to keep the knitting moving along.

When I looked out into my backyard this morning, I saw this little guy snoozing on my sidewalk.

I think the bunnies feel safe in my backyard because it's fenced in and for years nobody has really gone back there other than to mow the lawn.  This was my grandfather's house and at 93 with his memory failing, the time came for him to be moved into a nursing home where he'll have people looking after him more closely.  Now I'm living in the house as we clean it out and getting it ready for sale.  The bunnies have free reign of the backyard, but now that I've fixed up the garden space by the garage (I'm sure it hasn't been used in at least a decade.  There was quite a bit of work to get it ready), I've had to make it clear that no bunny is allowed in that space.  Apparently now they just sleep next to it.  I can't blame them, though, it's quite peaceful back there.  (And I have a habit of feeding them lettuce...  how's that for mixed signals?)


  1. Love your sweater! I think that you are becoming the new Brooklyn Tweed!!!

    So brave putting in a zipper. I've never done that,

  2. Mixed signals indeed! Those poor bunnies.

    What is causing the break that I'm seeing on the front of the sweater? It doesn't look like steek stitches the way I've worked them before.

  3. your sweater looks great! I know what you mean about audiobooks - they are the best. What are your favorites? -- you tell me yours, and I'll tell you mine :-)

  4. I love the sweater! I'd rather have bunnies than a garden any day... (and if you haven't already, try American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and make sure if there's a choice you get George Guidal as the reader.)