Sunday, February 3, 2008

Starting Things Off Right...

...with a few pictures and lots of yarny goodness.

To begin, it would only be appropriate to do a bit of story-telling.
This story begins during the long winter months in the beginning of '07 when the latest snow storm also brought along a knitting bug to my University.  Within a few weeks I had been infected and I went home for Spring break knowing that I wouldn't be able to escape my
 freakish urge to knit.  I went to my LYS (The Three Kittens) in St. Paul, MN and left armed with a few balls of yarn and some needles.  My first creation was a scarf and is to this day the scarf I wear most often.
It is a simple 1x1 ribbing using an acrylic/wool blend, the name of which I can no longer remember.  I made it using size 8 Clover Bamboo needles (a little side note about me...I do NOT like bamboo needles.  Wood yes, in fact, I prefer wood needles, but, no thanks).  Not only did the yarn change colors, but the thickness also varied, resulting in an uneven edging (partially due to my lack of knitting skills), but I do like the scarf very much.

After finishing this scarf (yes, I did tape it to my dorm room wall to take the picture, why do you ask?), I didn't even think about knitting again until the summer of '07 when I was living/working on campus.  One of my many sisters, clumsyknitter, thought it would be a fun idea to join a KAL - specifically Mystery Stole 3.  Well, she and I joined and I was once again sucked into the knitting world.

Minus the inevitable complications that come with knitting lace as your second project, the stole is actually turning out very nicely (yes, I did use the present tense.  I have yet to actually finish the stole) and I learned a lot about knitting: increases, decreases, yarn overs...

That summer I also picked up some sock yarn and needles and whipped up some simple ribbed socks and the rest is history.

Enough with how I got addicted - let's get to the good stuff:

What's that you ask?  Oh, just a little bit of wonderful that arrived in the mail a few days ago from Knitpicks.  The top arc is Felici sock yarn - three balls in Atmosphere, and three in Pebble.  They are destined to become some very nice socks for myself.  Below the sock yarn is 6 balls of Swish DK in Mist (I actually got eight, but have started a project already.  You'll have to wait and see).  Then there are eight more balls of Swish DK, 6 in Dusk and 2 in Coal.  They too have a planned future, but for now you will just have to imagine.  Finally, we get to the five balls of wonderfully soft Ambrosia in Lavender.  This yarn is 80% baby alpaca, 20% cashmere, and 100% amazing.  I used it once to knit my brother some cabled socks and he loves them.  Or at least says he does...

Coming soon - real live works in progress.  Don't miss it!

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