Monday, February 4, 2008

We've Got Some Live Ones!

That's right folks, I am actually working on some projects.  Not many, only two in fact, but still, it's something.

First off, we have some socks that I am knitting for my little sister.
It's hard to believe that I started these things before Thanksgiving.  There are a few thing that have contributed to their lack of finished-ness.
  1. I HATE this yarn.  I know, it's a strong word, but really.  It is Brown Sheep Company Wildfoote "Luxury" sock yarn.  I am never going to use it again.  Aside from the fact that it is a horribly nasty color (no offense to those of you who like it.  My sister specifically requested it), I don't think the yarn is very high quality.  It is not tightly plied so I tend to split it a lot.  It is also not soft, in fact, I feel bad for my sister because I don't think they're going to be very comfortable.  Taking all of this into account, I really just don't enjoy knitting with it.
  2. I think the pattern is really ugly.  Again, it was specifically requested by my little sister, and although I am doing it correctly, I just don't think it looks good.  The pattern is the six-stitch Cloverleaf Eyelet Cable from "Sensational Knitted Socks".  I do really like this book and the other patterns I have used from it I have really enjoyed.  Maybe it is just a combination of this pattern and this yarn that makes it so hideous.  Somehow my sister did like the sock when I showed it to her (but I think she was just being nice).  I think I'm going to make her a second pair sometime with better yarn and a more... enjoyable pattern.
So, that is the story of the socks that never seem to get finished.  I just cast on for that second one on January 31 and have gotten through a whopping two rows of ribbing before I had to put it down.

My other (much more successful) work-in-progress is the almost unbearably adorable Duffle Coat from Debbie Bliss's "Essential Baby".  I am using the Knitpicks Swish DK in Mist that I got a few days ago.

What you see in the above pictures are the finished back (top) and the beginnings of one of the front panels (bottom).  There is also a pocket lining in the bottom picture.  The other has already been knitted into the front panel, which is why it looks like there is a scar on the sweater.  :)

I hope to get more work done on this sweater in the next few days.  I am absolutely in love with this yarn.  It is so nice to work with.  I know that I am going to use it much more in the future because it is oh so amazing.

P.S.  Sorry about the picture/color quality.  It's hard to take pictures in a dorm room when all the lighting you have is the fluorescent one on the ceiling.  Ugly.

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  1. Oh. My. God. That sock looks ENORMOUS! Have her feet grown that much since the last time I saw her???