Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Need a Change

A change from changing, that is.

Over the past week I did a little sweep through my (tiny, yet massively cluttered) room and found that I, at this moment, have six WIPs and, well, no FOs in sight.  How does this happen to me?  Just because I tend to get bored when I knit the same thing for too long doesn't mean that the knitting gods should punish me with projects that are never ending, right?  Sure, these little squares take only a few hours to make, but when am I going to see the end result?  My estimates say never because I can't seem to stop myself from starting more projects, one after another.

When I got sick on knitting squares (which, I have to tell you, are SO fun to make because you can cast on and cast off in an afternoon.  You have no time to get sick of it! - but I somehow have), I thought it would be a wonderful idea to... knit a square.

This one however is going to be... an afghan.  Strangely familiar, I know.  Why do I think that I can start knitting these massive projects while I also have an aran cardigan and a lace shawl in the works?  I don't know what has gotten into me these days.  In any case, the project is started and there's no turning back.  My brother has been requesting that one of his knitting-obsessed siblings knit him a blanket for quite some time now.  I finally gave in and chose this pattern to knit for him, because I thought he would like the way that it is mathematical as well as functional.  Turns out when he was asking for an afghan, he really only expected a plain one, and when I say plain I mean something like a big sheet of stockinette fabric.  I'm not even going to venture into that area.  He also wanted me to knit this out of the colors of the Irish Flag.  Let's play a game and see how long it takes me to finish, shall we?

Throughout all of this time spent knitting several projects, I have grown frustrated that I don't have any FOs to show for it, so I decided yesterday that I am going to try to be as monogamous as I can with my projects until I get a few of them off the needles and into Finishedland.  My first victim will be my aran cardigan.

I know it's not the best quality picture, but that there is a good 11 inches of the body.  You may notice that I have given myself a very generous seven stitches up the middle in which to do my steek - who knows, I may need every last one of them.  Because I am later on going to go around the bottom of the cardigan and attach a two inch border, I only have a few more inches to go before I can attach the sleeves (which have yet to be designed) and then it's only a matter of time!  I'm cruising along at a pretty steady pace on this thing and I hope to be finished before school begins again.  (I'm not going to mention the fact that school doesn't begin again for me until late September.)

Wish me luck!  How much do you want to bet that my next FO will be something I haven't started yet?


  1. I LOVE your cardigan! It's so beautiful. I'm thinking about dipping my toes into the sweater designing world but I'm not going to start with something even half that complex. I'm thinking basic stockinette with a cable up the sleeves and a zipper down the front... Good luck with getting some FOs.

  2. Omigosh, I can't believe Tom wanted a PLAIN AFGHAN. You would go batty knitting something like that! And stockinette or garter with the colors of the Irish flag? I can't even picture that turning out looking good. :-P

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog and for pointing out the difficulty in the blog post comment section showing; I hope I fixed it now. Another needle??? Time to call Knit picks for more, always a good excuse.

  4. Good luck finishing things! I can't wait to see the cardigan all finished up.

    I have the same problem (well, except that I did just finish one thing), with having tons of WIPs. I sort of want to do the same thing; finish everything up so I can start with a clean slate!