Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In Which I Prove That I Have Arms

Now, I know that in the past I have talked about my progress on the sleeves of my aran cardigan, but until now I have offered up no evidence to support all of my blabbing about said theoretical sleeves.  For all you know, I could have been making it up, but behold: The Sleeve.

(I twisted the sleeve on my arm so you could see all the cables)

Let me tell you a bit about this sleeve.  It all began when I was happily knitting around and around on the body until I thought I could no longer stand it and decided that I had reached the underarms.  (I still think a may need to add some more length before I attach the sleeves, but for now I am still in denial.)  I was then all set to start knitting around and around on my sleeves until I realized - I hadn't designed them yet.  Details schmetials.  (Hmmm... it doesn't really work for that one does it.)  This is the crazy part, so pay attention.  I decided that I wanted my sleeve to be 9" around on the cuff, so I referred to my trusted gauge swatch and figured out that I needed to cast on 41 stitches for the garter cuff and then increase to 56 stitches when I started the cable pattern to make up for the way the cables pull the knitting in.  Ok, so now I have 56 stitches just waiting to be assigned a role.  I arbitrarily chose some cables that I had used on the body and placed them around the sleeve with 3 divider stitches in between each one (paying no attention to my stitch count) and guess what?  It added up to 56!!  Wow is right.

I wasn't done yet.  I wanted to knit straight until the sleeve measured 5" and then I would increase two stitches every 5 rounds until I reached 90 stitches.  Simple enough.  I also knew that I wanted the sleeve to be 21" long when I was done.  I went back to my trusty swatch, did a little math (using my row gauge this time) and figured out that at this rate, when I was done doing all of my increasing, my sleeve should measure about 19.5" long.  PERFECT!  I would just knit straight for 1.5" and my sleeve would be done.  And so I knit following everything I just told you and I ended up with...

...a perfect sleeve.  Thank you gauge.


  1. Isn't math wonderful? Hooray, gauge!

    I had some happy accidents with stitch counts like yours when I was working on my gansey.

  2. Daaaaaamn! Very impressive. I haven't even finished one sleeve on my sweater, and it just has a couple purl rows going up one side. Well done.

  3. you may be the first knitter in history to say "thank you gauge" usually when I speak the word gauge it's followed by something a bit more... profane