Friday, August 1, 2008

The Swan

The time has come that I can properly share this FO with all of you as I finally got around to taking pictures of it post-blocking.  (Of course, it has been sitting around folded/bunched up and has been taken out and admired countless times, so it doesn't look as good as it used to.)

The pattern for this beautiful lace shawl can be found here - it is the Swan Lake Stole by Melanie Gibbons (PinkLemonTwist).

Of course, I began knitting this shawl last June while it was still being referred to as "Mystery Stole 3".  That's right, this was a mystery KAL where a new portion of the pattern was released each week and the pattern wasn't known until it was all finished.  From what I can tell, this KAL was fun (although I can't quite say that I participated to the full extent of most other people).  I did my best to participate, but as this was the second project I ever cast on for, it was a bit slow going.

Fast forward one year and I can finally say that I am done.  SWEET!  I used Misti Alpaca Lace (100% baby alpaca, super soft) and US 4 needles.  Oh, and some turquoise beads.  The pattern calls for I think 1200yds of lace-weight yarn, but I used only a little more than a ball and a half of the Misti Alpaca (which was something like 700yds).

(The shadow of the lace kind of distorted this picture)

(Can you find my bamboo?)

This will now be boxed up and sent to my mother where it will (hopefully) finally be unbunched and worn.


  1. It's gorgeous! Love the bamboo shot -- it really evokes thoughts of wings and flight.

  2. Dude, can I hire you to come out and take photos of all my FOs?

  3. It's really gorgeous!

  4. That is awesome, what a great thing to send to your mom; I have yet to do a shwl and know I can't til the husband comes home and keeps the cats off me; they regard me as their waterbed and lay on whatever project I am working on and then snip the yarn and needles. Good job.