Thursday, August 27, 2009

The End Is Near

...which I find a bit ironic as I just hid every end I could find.

To answer a few questions before they're asked:

1.  No, I don't know what's going on with the color in that picture.

2.  Yes, I did use felted joins whenever possible.

3.  No, I have absolutely no idea why this sweater ended up with so many ends.

In other news, does anybody know what these flowers are?

They start out pointy like that, and then they fan out at the top when they get bigger.  I think they look almost like coral.

Some of them are almost 6 feet tall (yes, really) and they don't smell very good (but it's not strong).  My mom says she had one of them in a bouquet last year and when it dried out, she collected the seeds and then just sprinkled them around in the garden, and now they're huge and everywhere.  I alternate between calling them "weeds" and "coral flowers", but I'm curious as to what they actually are.

They don't attract butterflies or bumblebees, but flies and wasps (or are they yellow jackets?  I don't know the difference).  Just what we want by the back door, right?

I'm almost done with a test knitting project - more on that later.  Tomorrow (I suppose technically that would be today) is designated "hunt for zipper" day.  Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck being sent your way!

    We called them cockscomb flowers growing up. (You can google that for some linkage.) They dry really nicely and hold their color in dried wreaths and things.

  2. That is way too many ends to consider weaving in... I feel for you.

    Good luck finding a zipper!!

  3. I think those flowers are really neat! When I drove to Missouri once I saw something similar and was amazed at how tall they were!

    Good luck with the zipper!

  4. Oh my god how funny about the flower. Glad you got your sweater fixed!

  5. Very pretty, whatever they are.

    Good luck with the zipper, sweetie.


  6. What an odd orange-sherbet color...

    As for the flowers, if they attract predatory insects like wasps, then they can't be so good in my book. In my perfect garden-world, there are loads of wonderful flowering plants, but they only attract bumbles and butterflies. Sorry've been voted off my island.

  7. try "plumed celosia" ... that's what popped into my head when I saw them anyway :)

  8. Good luck with the zipper hunt, can't wait to see what it belongs to!

  9. Hiding ends, and putting in a zipper- the two worst parts of the craft! Well, atleast you will be done, and can start something new (which is the best part).

  10. I'm not so curious about the flower as I am about WHAT that weird PURPLE thing is in your yarn photo?!? Is it a vase or something? Yep. It's bugging me now.

  11. Yellowjackets are honey bee-ish...wasps have those atrocious legs that hang down when they evil heliopters with fangs!