Saturday, August 29, 2009

Herbivore Shawl

I was hoping to post this earlier this morning before I left for a day of rock climbing (I love Saturdays!), but that didn't happen.

Speaking of rock climbing, sometimes I feel really irresponsible as a knitting clarinetist being so rough on my hands.

Other times I think, "Who cares?  This is fun!"  I got a blood blister on one of my fingers today and gouged out a chunk of another (and I got a rope burn on my leg when I fell), not to mention the fact that the last time I went climbing, I wore out my forearms so much that the muscles I use to play clarinet weren't working.  That was an unproductive day...

Anyway, on to my FO!

This is Herbivore, by Stephen West, (and yes, that is a chewed up corn cob, courtesy of the neighborhood squirrels).  If you remember, I test-knit his Botanic Hat earlier this summer and he wanted me to test-knit this shawl as well.  The pattern will be available on Monday.

I used almost a full skein of Pagewood Farm St. Elias (linked in my previous post) in the colorway Mississippi Mud, which I thought was fantastic.  The color makes me happy not only because I'm a boring guy, but because I've lived only a couple of blocks from the Mississippi my whole life, so I thought it was fitting.  Oh, and I used size 6 needles with this fingering-weight yarn.

The pattern itself was really interesting and it made a lot of sense, and I love twisted ribbing, so I was very happy to knit this one.  In addition to the typical increasing along a center stitch a and at the edges like most triangular shawls, Stephen also incorporated another pair of increases halfway between these points which made for an interesting finished shape that will stay on your shoulders or wrapped around your neck more easily.

When I wear this around my neck, sometimes I catch myself thinking, "This yarn is a little scratchy..."  but I love it.  I actually like the reminder that I'm wearing something I made by hand, and the yarn really is quite soft and lofty, with a teensy bit of fuzziness.

Meet my fence: (sorry, I ran out of things to say)

...and now I'm off to knit.  (also, I apologize that I always either look depressed or like a creeper in my pictures, I'll work on that)


  1. That looks great, and what an interesting shape!

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  3. (a) It looks wonderful!
    (b) you're not a creeper (probably) and
    (c) nice fence!

  4. Wow! That looks like such a fun pattern to knit... and the color is so subtle yet gorgeous!

  5. Very, very nice! You look so stylish and, dare I say, trendy in it! You also managed not to look like a complete creeper (ha!) in your photos...but just barely. ;-)

  6. I love your shawl, and I love that it's for you! And also, I love the colors of mud. I keep saying I should branch out, get something different, but anytime I'm out shopping, it's always things in the colors of mud that catch my eye. For the scritch, try soaking it in either hair conditioner or murphy's oil soap. I never did either, but have heard both recommended. Check out the twisted rib lopi cardigan I made,, with triangles of those twisted ribs. and as for hard working hands... lotion.

  7. I know your sister reads your blog, so I'll preface by saying that I mean this in a strictly platonic way:

    Dude, that is some sexy man shawl knitting!

  8. What a great shape for a shawl! Stylish.

  9. Oh yikes, I don't think I would go with Murphy's oil soap, that's for cleaning floors!!! Maybe just a soak with some Eucalan.

  10. I love all the ivy in the backyard...and the fence, too. It has a great rustic, weathered feel to it.

    Hmm...not sure I know what a creeper is. But I'm sure you're not one.

    On a note of synchronicity (and a moment of shameless self-promotion), I, too, have finished a Stephen West man-shawl! Check it out at

    Supa cute in the snaps, as always...

  11. It's like I said before, a freshly blocked shawl is a beautiful thing!

    I've never thought you looked depressed, or like a creeper at all.

  12. oh! it's so true! haha, my emo brother...

  13. Very cool shawl construction... the shape reminds me of bat wings, or maybe a spaceship like object. Rock climbing, fun!

  14. I like that shape of that one a lot! Nice!!

  15. I feel for your hands...

    The shawl turned out wonderfully though!!

  16. That scarf (man-shawl, heh) is such an unusual shape. Just when you think you've seen it all, some clever person thinks up a new twist. Thank God for creative people. Your knitting is superb, as usual :)

    You don't look like a creeper at all. But those hands...ook ;)

    (BTW, my word verification word is "prowimp," lmao. I didn't know I'd turned pro...)

  17. Note to self: Send Peter a nice hank of cashmere for his next scarf.

  18. love this scarf... I might be tempted to make something like this for myself... I'm not a lace or shawl knitting kinda guy... but this one..

    you're making me think of maybe trying it.

    hope your hands are all better!

  19. Love it! Suits you.

    I like that corn cob bits made the photo shoot.

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