Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Expedition Update

I think I have enough progress on my Expedition pullover to show you what the yarn looks like knit up now.

I've knit the body up to the armholes and am now working the back separately.  The odd thing is that it only took me three days to knit the body, but I've already been working on the back for four days and I only have a couple of inches.

I owe it to the fact that with the stockinette body, I could knit and study at the same time, but now that I'm doing cables and patterning, I have to watch what I'm doing, which really decreases the amount of knitting time I get throughout the day.

This sweater is going to be fantastic though, and I think it'll survive anything.  It will definitely be one I keep forever.  Also, I'm still convinced that the color of the yarn knit up looks like watercolor painting.

Whoops, I have to run to dinner before a sectional, then rehearsal, then rehearsal, then a lecture on performance, then another rehearsal, and then practicing.  (I have to keep reminding myself that I love doing what I do, otherwise I sometimes forget.)


  1. Love the sweater!

    Are you taking care of yourself? Are you eating enough? Drinking enough water? Washing your hands and not touching strangers?



  2. It looks really good! I really like the color knitted up--very subtle, but has depth.

    I second Cookie's questions: You ARE remembering to eat, right? ;-)

  3. You are seriously booking it on this sweater, which just highlights how slow I am. I should be starting on the back tonight, though, and I'm pretty efficient with the cabling.

  4. Now I'm going to have to send you cookies!
    Love the sweater, great yarn.

  5. Look at you go!

    I am at this moment making chicken broth, for soup tomorrow, for a sickish DH. I'd share w/ you if you were around... Somebody there taking care of you?

    When I started knitting again, it was with Bartlett, and I thought, why would anybody want to knit anything else. I know why now, but I do still like the Bartlett... rustic and a little rough. It can take quite a beating. I machine wash (cold, gentle usually, but not always) those sweaters when they need cleaning. A rinse in hair conditioner (though the old ladies at the shop also told me murphy's oil soap works) helps soften the itch a bit, as does a couple runs through the wash.


    I am really excied to see the progress so far. It looks Awesome! I too hope you are eating, sleeping, studying, practicing (and knitting) in the appropriate amounts. However, unlike Cookie, I am not opposed to touching strangers :-)

    BTW, Glee Episode 4 will be available for online viewing tomorrow morning!

  7. You're right, very watercolory. I like it.

    Do people actually forget to eat? I'm starting to wonder about your (other) commenters. (Cuz we *know* I'm nuts.)

  8. Looks great - beautiful yarn, and that cable is such a stylish touch!

  9. Is it pink? Is it buff? No, it's everything! I'm intrigued by the detailing.

    Are you coming to any North Eastern fiber shows in the near future? I wanna see this one in person.

  10. I really like that yarn alot. I think the designer should create a woman's version. I would knit it, and that should be reason enough to design a girlie one, right?


  11. I agree on the watercolory - I'll bet you'll get a lot of compliments on the unique look once you're wearing it.

    Way to work in the knitting when you're super-busy...I'm just no good at that!

  12. It's going to be a fantastic sweater (the yarn adds a nice depth), can't wait to see how it looks. Take care!

  13. That sweater is going to be amazing. I'm glad you got to experience my favorite "homework knitting", it makes work less annoying, doesn't it?

  14. You are right in saying that the yarn looks like a painting. It reminds me of a Monet impressionistic painting with all of the dots of colour. Also, I just checked out the pattern and the sweater is going to be awesome! I adore the ribbing around the upper torso and the way that it joins together. I can't wait to see the finished item.

    I hope that you are feeling better!

    Ray Flanary

  15. love the little cable on the edge... beautiful knitting... keep going!!