Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Think It's Ok

I saw the maple leaves in my backyard today and I thought, "Ok.  I'm ready."  I must have had some sort of switch flipped in my brain the past few days and now I think I'm mentally prepared for the onset of Fall and (inevitably) Winter.

I even pulled out a long-lost project to work on.

Bring on the colder weather.

As an aside, I managed to transfer my blog to the new account with no problems (thanks for the help guys!).  Now all I have to do is move my whole blogroll so I don't have to keep logging in and out of different accounts.  That one may take a while.

So far I've discovered that I don't like that Gmail doesn't mark emails as to whether I have replied to them or not, and I don't like that sometimes I get multiple blog comments in the same email.  It confuses me and I don't like it - sorry if I've missed yours!  I didn't do it on purpose.


  1. You actually don't get multiple comments in one e-mail. Gmail arranges them into threads, so that comments for one particular post are all grouped together.

    I would recommend using an e-mail client (program) on your computer and setting it up to connect to Gmail's IMAP server. My laptop runs Ubuntu and I use Evolution Mail, but it rearranges the threads into individual e-mails and shows me when I've replied to them. Then when I'm away from home or my laptop, I can just access Gmail via the web, and the laptop program and the Gmail server sync up when they reconnect again.

  2. Oh, and details on the project, please. They look lovely.

  3. Show off! Being all artsy with your're just trying to make me look bad because I don't even have time to blog, and here you are doing still lives with flora!

    Oh...wait...this blog is about you, not me. Well...nice mittens! :)

  4. Totally non-techie comment: When I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader, there was an "import feeds" option. It took 3-4 minutes and was completely automatic. Does your new set-up not have such an option somewhere?

    Love the mitts. Don't want to think about the leaves. :-) Did you ever get Franklin's sleeves sorted out, or is it still in hiatus?

  5. Love the leaves. I'm not sure I've ever seen a maple. Oh, wait, my FIL has one.
    I hate the way Gmail does their stuff. I'll stick with my yahoo (mostly because Mel's description made my brain sweat) and if yahoo mail ever goes away I'm going anti-technology and moving to the Unibomber's cabin. o.0

  6. Holy buhjeez, boy-o! I thought those mitts were done long ago. I guess they just crawled under a blanket somewhere and fell asleep.

    And I love the snap with the layered maple leaves. It reminds me of Russian dolls...

  7. Love the leaves!

    Listen to Dave about the importing. Totally easy. I promise.

    Also, I set my gmail account to send and archive emails. Once I have replied to you, I don't see that email again unless I need it or you reply. It's a great way to keep my inbox tidy.


  8. Give Gmail a minute to grow on you, dear. I had a hard time using it, and now, unlike Carrie *cough cough* I like it better than yahoo.

    Who knew?

    The mittens are really well done - wonderful color choices. It looks great up against that green grass.

  9. I see I'm not the only one with the urge to start knitting mittens and sweaters!

  10. I love those mittens. Definitely in my queue. I'm glad I'm not the only person with one beautiful mitten laying around mateless from last year!

  11. Mitts are lovely. Should be great fro the winter.

  12. I found the Gmail way of doing things really weird at first, but now I'm used to it and actually like it!

    I love those maple leaves...very artistic! Of course, I'm perhaps a wee bit obsessed with maple leaves at the moment, what with the Rhinebeck Sweater.

  13. Takes a little while to get used to the Gmail, but I ended up sold on it, as others have said, too. And it's a pain to move your blog, but it seems seamless from where we sit!

    Great mitts.