Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's Like Time Disappeared

That title you see up above this post?  That's about as deep and philosophical as my mind will go at the present moment.  I will warn you right now that I am currently functioning on 1 hour of sleep and 40 oz. of coffee and, well, though anything I say here can and will (well, really just can, I doubt it actually would) be used against me in a court of law, I really can't take credit and probably won't even remember saying it (thank god for this form of documentation, right?)

I have very little reason for even being in this state right now.  I didn't get much sleep because I stayed up late last night fully intending to study for the midterm that I just finished, but instead I just stayed up late doing nothing.  I then had to get up at 3:30am to drive my friend to the airport (I offered.  It took four days to convince him that my free offer was better than taking a cab - partly because my ride stops at McDonalds.)  I didn't go back to bed after that, but instead loaded up on caffeine and began studying for my exam.

It went well, but I had trouble remembering a lot of the terms - any clue why?

Anyway, none of that is really even relevant to this post.  The title refers to the fact that all of a sudden I've practically stopped knitting.  Not because I don't want to, but because, as the title says, "time totally just disappeared, man..." (that's the best impression I can do of a stoner.)  (No, I'm not stoned, I just feel about as profoundly observational as one who has chemically altered the state of their mind.)

Moving on.  I haven't knit much, but I did make this hat:

Look familiar?  That's because I've already made five others in different colors in the past.  The Kiwi Hat  (that's a ravelry link where you can download the free pattern.  There's even two of mine featured in the pictures because I was so freaking obsessed with making them last year.) is really simple to make, and I love the results you get.  There's a bit of fanciness to the simple (2-stitch) cables that comprise the ribbing, and knit in malabrigo, this hat really just can't be beat.

This is the first one I've made out of a truly solid color of malabrigo - Chestnut.  I made it for my brother's boyfriend who already owns one or two of these that I've made, plus another hat I made, but specifically requested a brown one as well.  I had this yarn in my stash from forever ago and had no plans for it, so I was more than happy to knit up another hat.  (After all, they practically knit themselves and are finished in the blink of an eye. that's an odd image...)

In the mail came a few days ago a skein of yarn that I won in a blog contest of The Plucky Knitter.  (Holy god, that sentence sucked, but you know what I meant, so I'm not going to change it.)

It's a blend of SW merino, cashmere, and nylon, but I don't think I can actually knit socks with it.  That doesn't seem right.  Right now I'm thinking I might make a Haruni shawl ('nother rav. link) with it, because it looks pretty.  Pretty yarn + pretty pattern = pretty.  It just makes sense.

Right now it looks like she only right now has a coupl'a skeins in her shop right now (right now)(oh, by the way, mine is the "Movin' On Out" colorway), but her blog says there's supposed to be an update on Sunday, so maybe keep an eye peeled.  (Gross, what is it with these strange idioms involving eyes and strange visual images?)

Well, that's about all I've got to update you guys on.  Thanks for sticking around!

Uff da, I need a nap...


  1. Oh honey. Please drink some water, eat something and have a nap. Then eat something else, drink more water and have another nap.

    Fab hat, btw.


  2. You're not the only one in a non-knitting vortex...something strange is happening in the cosmos...

  3. Cluck, cluck, cluck. Bawk, ba-gawk!

    If you can do a strung-out stoner, I can do a mother hen.

  4. I think that yarn would make a beautiful shawl and that pattern is awesome...i have added it to my never ending queue.

  5. Dude, you really do need a nap. As soon as you stop vibrating from the coffee...

  6. But in your sleep-deprived defense: A) That's a really stellar hat, and B) you look better than I do most days on a full night's sleep. :)

  7. ROWWR!! That yarn is dead sexy.

    And the hat's pretty cunning too. :P

  8. Hahahaha!! I'm surprised that you can make mostly reasonable sentences at this point. Go you!!

    That's a lovely hat and one lucky recipient. I hope your brother plans on keeping him around for a while with all of that knitting investment... ;)

    The yarn is beautiful. I have always loved her colors. They are always gorgeous and wonderfully saturated. I think that it would make a lovely Haruni shawl. I've been thinking of making one myself... The pattern is just beautiful.

    Well, that's it. I hope you are getting some more sleep!!

  9. OMG. I was trying not to laugh at you throughout your post, but I got to the sentence about winning the Plucky Knitter yarn and I snorted...and by the time I read your "right now" sentence I was laughing out loud. I can just picture you bumbling around trying to write a blog post AND have it make sense at the same time! I can't even manage blog posts lately, so you're still doing better than me. ;-)

  10. The Haruni Shawl looks gorgeous! Would be lovely with the yarn.

  11. I agree; the cosmos are against knitters at the moment. I haven't felt much like blogging or knitting lately. That yarn from Plucky looks amazing! I've been eyeing the etsy shop, but I keep missing the updates.

  12. Haha, what's with the 'uffda' at the end there? Not so common in Norway and never! seen it in English but I just heard it was a relict word commonly used among Norwegian-Americans in the Northwest. And here it is!