Thursday, February 11, 2010


Lately I've been trying very hard to concentrate my knitting time on a single project instead of trying to ration it out to the several that I have on the needles.  I've been working towards trying to finish up projects that have been sitting around for too long in an effort I am calling "Project Free-The-Needles!"  You see, I was beginning to get overwhelmed with the numerous unfinished projects I have strewn around these parts.

And so, putting aside my desire to cast on new projects, I have been diligently working on older ones to finally get them finished.

Fernfrost, for example, was started back in September.  Yes, I did knit two sweaters, a pair of socks, two scarves, and two hats in between the time I cast on and bound off for this scarf, but that's just my point.  I need to pay attention to what I already have on the needles and stop starting new projects.

I was very excited to get this one finished up.  The yarn was sent to me by the unbelievably generous and wonderful Joan.  I really can't thank her enough.  Knitting with cashmere is so wonderful, and the finished scarf is incredibly soft, light, and fluffy with a bit of halo to make it extra wonderful.  I steam blocked it (after wet blocking it) so that the stitches would bloom as much as possible.

I wasn't convinced I would have enough yarn to knit the specified number of repeats (or that the repeats would stretch out to the proper dimensions), but once again, blocking has worked its magic.  I managed to knit all the repeats called for (with a bit of yarn to spare) and it blocked out to 48"x10.5" like the pattern said it should.  Don't you love it when things work out?

This scarf really knit up pretty quickly once I sat down and worked on it.  I knit 7 of the 11 repeats while flying between Wisconsin and California.  It really shouldn't have taken me five months to knit, but that's what happens when I keep starting new projects.  I'm trying to be better about that.

I'll be sending this scarf down to a wonderful friend of mine in Atlanta who definitely deserves to be wrapped in cashmere.  I hope she finds it to be functional as well as beautiful.  That's always the best mix, isn't it?

I'm off to Pittsburgh tomorrow for my last grad school audition, wish me luck!  Oh, and I cast on a new project...


  1. Knitting monogamy is overrated, IMO, but it is nice to finish a project up and get it off the needles. Especially one as lovely as that.

    Good luck on your audition, and stay away from my ex!

  2. It is gorgeous! You did a wonderful job, sweetie.

    Good luck in Pittsburgh and stay away from my ex, too. ;^)


  3. The scarf is just beautiful! I need to make something out of Cashmere. Enjoy your trip to Pittsburgh, best of luck.

  4. Good luck with the audition. Hope the weather cooperates.

  5. The scarf looks lovely, and you've photographed it nicely too - I like the pictures and its various "poses."

  6. That scarf is so crisp and fresh and what a lucky friend. Love it!

  7. I like this "Project Free-The-Needles" and I think it's something we all could use now and then.

    The scarf looks great and your friend is lucky to be getting it. I haven't indulged in knitting with cashmere yet. (Must do my own free the needles first since I'm literally running out...)

    Good luck on your audition!

  8. Oh, wow, it's gorgeous!

    Good luck with your audition!

  9. Knitting monogamy is only important when the number of projects or length of time starts preying on your conscience. It sounds like you hit critical mass, and the end result is quite beautiful.

  10. It is beautiful. What a lovely and thoughtful gift for a friend.

    Good luck in PIT and do try to avoid the bridge of death!

  11. Your fernfrost is absolutely gorgeous!!

    I wish I had your drive to get things off the needles... I just cast on for a new project last night...

    Oh well.

    Good luck with the audition!!!

  12. Stunningly gorgeous and your pictures show it off beautifully!
    Good luck to you!!

  13. Wow, Fernfrost is gorgeous. I had this in my queue for awhile, but I removed it recently, because I didn't see myself wearing it, and I knew it would take me an eternity to knit. It is so beautiful though; I may have to add it back! Good luck on your last audition!!

  14. Those are really nice photos, Peter! Yay on finishing!

    Oh, and if you get lost on campus, give me a call. ;-)

  15. Fernfrost is BEAUTIFUL! Good luck at your audition... what project did you just start??

  16. I think that need to make some knitting friends who like to make and give away such gorgeous gifts.

    As usual...the pixs are just beautiful and good luck on your audition.

  17. Yet another victim of castonitis here..
    Love the geometry of the pattern, great work you did there.
    And good luck with the audition!

  18. beyond gorgeous - you should be quite proud. I understand exactly how you feel - I would much rather start more projects than work on those "in progress" - but finishing a project... and LOVING it... that's the most amazing feeling!

    Congratulations on ANOTHER great finished work!

  19. Wow. I am completely swept away. This is beyond beautiful. Luckiest friend in the world!!

  20. nice job my friend.

  21. very pretty. i am shamed by all your getting done with UFO's :( i've gotten into a very bad habit of only finishing old projects when i realise that i havent got any needles left :s
    good luck :D

  22. OYAY they are on my front steps!!

    <<<<Runs to go look :D

    Very pretty pattern, love the name too ♥♥♥