Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Musings

1.  I saw a man taking a picture of "The Pussycat" on my way to school today.  It's a kinky lingerie store on Forbes Ave.  I don't want to know why he was taking a picture.

2.  I am finally making progress on my sister's arm warmers.  Yesterday I knit an entire one and didn't have to rip out ever.

3.  Yes, I'm blogging from the practice room again.

4.  I don't think I'm going to be able to knit an entire one today.

5.  This means I won't be done until at least Wednesday because Tuesdays are for Tom's afghan.

6.  Happy Independence Day to all you readers in the US.  Now don't do anything stupid - we don't have universal healthcare.

7.  I've never done anything stupid.

8.  Ever.

9.  When did I become monogamous with my knitting?  I remember a time when I used to work on more than one project.

10.  I kind of like finishing things, though.

11.  Speaking of monogamy, I have been getting a lot of emails asking about The Composer and why he hasn't been on the blog lately.  The reason for that is because we broke up several months ago.

12.  Yeah, that means no more pictures of a Jake Gyllenhaal lookalike for you guys.  Sorry.

13.  After my lengthy post about my love of colorwork mittens it's looking like my next pair of mittens may not be colorwork at all.  In fact, they may be pure white.

14.  I borrowed that picture from my digital copy of Knitting Traditions, Winter 2010.  It actually belongs to them and is attributed to Joe Coca.

15.  I blame this new mitten desire on Ivar.  His twined knitting is just too damn impressive.

16.  Those mittens are going to have to wait like the rest of them, though, because I have a few unbloggable projects in the lineup that I have to do first.

17.  I know.  Boring.

18.  Maybe I'll show you the UFOs I've been finishing along the sidelines.  That'll keep you entertained.

19.  Maybe.

20.  Back to practicing.


  1. 1) The Pussycat is not kinky at all. It's a good place to go for nylons/tights if you need 'em. I think guys just think that any place that sells women's underthings is kinky, but that is not the case.

    2) THIS store is kinky: I used to live a block or two away. They have great front window displays. They go all out for Halloween and Valentine's Day.

    3) Those arm warmers look great! Kinda jealous, actually.

    4) I'm not sure I believe you about the no stupid things part.

    5) Happy Drunk Firework Day!

  2. Yes, fabulous arm warmers!

    And those white twined mittens... they'll be really great. My friend made some twined mittens, and they were super warm (they were purple). I like the twisted stitch detail and bit of color at the cuff on these.

    At least you're knitting!

  3. regarding Ivar: Isn't his stuff awesome!?! I have some serious knit-envy when I look at his projects. Un-blogable projects? I am curious. Happy Insurrection Day!

  4. 1. LOVE the armwarmers. Just make sure you knit the second one.

    2. Sorry about The Composer...he was cute!

    3. LOVE the all-white mittens. You should TOTALLY make those...only not in white.

    4. What's the bucket for?

  5. I seriously love that your sister schooled you on the kinky lingerie stores.
    Those white mittens are fantasticalicious.

  6. Thanks :)

    You will LOVE twined knitting. It's a time-consuming technique but totally worth it, both for the patterns you can make and for the density of it. I'm sure a pair of twined mittens would be useful where you live.

    I love the elegance of all-white twined knitting (and a contrast colour when you cast on, like in the photo in your post) but you can also make fascinating twined colourwork!

    Check out Anne-Maj Ling's for all kinds of twined patterns; unfortunately in Swedish only, but click on "tröjor" (sweaters) to the left, for example.

  7. Love the armwarmers! (well armwarmer... I have faith there will be a second.) Is there a pattern, or is this out of your head?

  8. You're almost done with the arm warmers! It won't go so fast with twined knitting but you'll have super toasty mittens this winter.

  9. I love list blog entries. They are awesome. You and your sister are hilarious. I love your love for mittens! So cute. I have little need for mittens, but I do love to look at them!

  10. Please define "kinky lingerie" for your Aunt Cookie.

    Sorry about the boy, baby. They're so difficult to deal with at times. Love that arm warmer!


  11. Yeah, what's with the bucket?

    (Doncha love it when people pick out some obscure little point in a post and then obsess over it?)

    So, what's with the freakin' bucket? :-)

  12. Re: picture taking, I wonder sometimes if folks who see me hanging my shawls outside & lying underneath to get a good shot go home and blog on their special niche blog about the weirdo they saw.

  13. I stumbled upon your blog and can I just say.. WOW you are an amazing knitter. I am inspired!

  14. Those are beautiful arm warmers! all she needs now is a matching vest!!

  15. Well, my suspicions about The Composer's whereabouts are at least confirmed. Now that I'm finally getting around to catching up on my blogrolls.

    I've got some Icelandic-Shetland singles that I've been thinking would work well for a twined project. Someday I'll get around to figuring out what.