Thursday, July 7, 2011

The World's Most Boring Post

Right on schedule, I finished my sisters arm warmers yesterday.

The only trouble with things going smoothly is that it doesn't make for very exciting blog fodder.  The most "exciting" thing about this project was when I thought I started the second thumb gusset half a repeat higher than I started it on the first one, but I was wrong about that and didn't even have to rip out to realize it.

Pattern:  Green Cabled Arm Warmers by Elizabeth Martin, Yarn: Tosh Sock in the Tart colorway, Needles: 2.75mm

I'm not sure if I followed the pattern or not.  Once I charted the written out cable pattern, I changed the cast-on number and never looked at the pattern again.  I did eight repeats of the cable and then did a generic thumb gusset until I thought it looked big enough and finished off the hand however I pleased.  All in all I think they turned out just fine.  I think they look kinda cool all scrunched up, too.

My sister wanted slouchy arm warmers, so hopefully these fit the bill.

Wow, I must be hungry or tired, because my brain is really not functioning right now.  How about some nature photos to finish things off?  I snuck up on a groundhog this afternoon and snapped some pictures of him.

and in the half hour that I sat still in the sun as a spider built a web on my hand, I was surrounded by a whole flock of beautiful dragonflies.  (Don't look at the water.  It's super gross and I feel bad for all the bluegills that have to live in it.)

and here are some flowers, which were not the source of the sweet smell I was looking for.  In fact, they smelled kinda bad.

And with that, I'm going to go find some food.


  1. 1) Those arm warmers are awesome. I'm sure Sheila will appreciate them.

    2) You LET a spider BUILD A WEB on you for HALF AN HOUR?!? Gross. Just gross.

  2. I posted a comment and it's not here. Do you have to approve them or did I just mess up? Somedays I hate being human :)
    Anyway, I second all of Clumsy Knitter's comments.

    Linda (the one that isn't Johnny)

  3. I, too, hereby sign my agreement with Clumsy Knitter's comments.

    And I've been wanting armwarmers in sock yarn for myself... you've got me thinking along that line once again. Thanks.

  4. Lovely arm warmers, sweetie, and lovely nature photos, too.

  5. Whoa. That's pretty gross. Kind of cool, but gross. The armwarmers are lovely! I do love the slouchy look, and the color is fabulous.