Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!

With Christmas less than a week away, and having appointed myself the cookie baker for this year, I've been keeping busy trying to bake at least one type of cookie every day until Christmas.  Sound like fun?  I thought so too!

A couple of days ago I made at least 8 dozen Snickerdoodles using this recipe.  I baked mine for 8:30 instead of the recommended 10 minutes in an attempt to lessen the crisp factor, but they still turned out rather crispy, which is fine and they're now frozen waiting for more people to arrive for the holidays.

Yesterday I baked a new-to-me cookie called Ribbon Cookies.  It's a little more involved than your average cookie, but they were fun to make.  Armed with the recipe scribbled all over a quarter piece of paper (in no real order),:

...I got to work, hoping for the best.  What happens is that you mix the dough, and then split it into thirds, each third getting a different treatment.  To the first you add almond extract and chopped marachino cherries:

The second third gets some green food coloring and chopped nuts, and then in the last portion you mix in some chocolate:

These then get layered in a bread pan and refrigerated for a while.

Once chilled, you can take it out of the pan and cut it up into slices that are then baked and made delicious.

I only made a single batch, which yielded four dozen, as I didn't know how they would turn out.

Today I made another eight dozen gumdrop cookies (my favorite!) and prepared some dough to be chilled for tomorrow's cookies, Melting Moments.  Tomorrow I may also make some Chinese Almond Cookies or Chocolate Curls.  I haven't decided yet...

(Hey Cookie, I think this is the most times I have inadvertently mentioned you in a blog post before!)


  1. The ribbon cookies are very unique. I've never heard of them before. I'm going to have to try your gumdrop cookie recipe because they look very tasty and colourful.

  2. You've been quite the busy beaver. Care to send me some? I can send you some fudge. :-)

  3. You HAVE been busy! Those tricolor cookies were something my gram always made at the holidays. Looks like your recipe's been around a while too.

  4. I'm impressed! Got recipes for all the remaining days, or would you be interested in something Swedish?

    God jul!

  5. Um. You designated yourself the cookie baker because you're not allowed to rest? Crikeys, Dude.

  6. The cookies look and sound delicious!! I have been seriously lacking in the baking department this year. There are so, so many recipes I want to try!! I just can't find the time...

  7. I've seen this recipe and always wanted to try it. Looks good!

  8. With that title, I was a little worried. ;^)

    You've been so busy! I hope you're making Chinese Almond. I love those.


  9. Mmm, I made Snickerdoodles last week. They were outstanding! I haven't had anything similar to the Ribbon Cookies, but I'll be doing some baking on Wednesday, so I'll have to check those out.