Tuesday, December 15, 2009

D Is For Darby

Last week, one of my sisters asked me to make my almost-two-year-old nephew (her son) a scarf.  Obviously I said yes.

She wanted a warm, soft, machine-washable scarf, and so I headed to my LYS and came across some RYC Cashsoft DK that fit all three categories.  I picked up two balls in blue (514) and one in orange (510) and set off to make a small tube scarf.

After casting on the first time, I thought it would be a fun idea to duplicate stitch his name or initials into the scarf, but after charting both out, I realized I didn't have the right number of stitches, so I ripped out.  I cast on again, this time with more stitches and smaller needles (because I didn't want his scarf to be too wide), but then I scrapped that idea, but I can't remember why.  I then cast on again with the original needles and a larger, but not as large as the last time, number of stitches and knit for a bit, but it was just too wide.  So I ripped that out, and cast on one final time after deciding that I would just duplicate stitch a "D" into the scarf instead of his name or both initials.

So I looked up how to duplicate stitch and went to town:

...and I didn't like it.  Not only was it not centered (and I'm not sure how because I counted and counted and counted to make sure I had the right number of stitches and rows), but I also didn't like the way the duplicate stitch looked.  I didn't like the blue peeking through the vertical lines, which I'm assuming is just a flaw with duplicate stitch because it doesn't actually cover up a stitch, but rather makes a new one between already existing stitches.  Which I guess is another flaw, because it then sort of distorts the knitted fabric.  Anyway, I wanted the D to be part of the scarf, not some oddity stitched on top of it.

So I ripped out again.  No harm done, it's only a small scarf and I had lost a total of a day, and that's not too bad.

I think my new D looks better, but maybe that's just me, and I'm sure the old one would have been fine, but I like to make things difficult for myself.

You see, this time I actually carried the orange yarn with the blue while knitting and did an odd sort of mix between stranded knitting/intarsia-in-the-round to get the D into the scarf.

It was slow going, but I like the results.  (You can tell that the yarn was starting to get a bit fuzzy at this point).

Now that the D was done, it was straightforward knitting until I was done, and pretty soon I had a finished scarf.

Pattern: None
Needles: US 5
Yarn: RYC Cashsoft DK in blue (514) and orange (510)
Time: Started December 10, 2009.  Finished December 13, 2009

I can also now show you the sweater that I'm working on because shortly after I published my last post, Todd published the pattern for his new Brigade pullover.  I'm this far right now:

That's all for today, happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. World's best uncle award...
    LOVE that sweater. Tres sexy.

  2. Oooh, love Brigade. But I need to finish Expedition before I can consider it. I also need to make myself some new mittens.

  3. You are a fabulous uncle. Lovely sweater!

  4. A model uncle - so much work!
    I agree, the knitted D looks infinitely better. Great photos for comparing the two versions, and interesting seeing the wrong side.

  5. Hahaha, that's really cute of you. Darby will absolutely love it I'm sure.

  6. The final version of the D is great! I love the results!

  7. Wow, you're just a knitting machine! The scarf looks good. I'm sure Darby (and Emily) will like it.

  8. the scarf looks great! You are an awesome Uncle! The sweater is coming along great as well.

  9. Very nice! I totally understand the redo-redo-redo until it's done right.

  10. I just knew that the fair isle stuff was coming. Lovely work and that Brigade sweater is amazing, I may need to knit one for my younger son.

  11. The scarf is lovely!! Sometimes it's crazy how long something so small can take to get just right...

    Can't wait to see the finished sweater!!