Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Have Socks

My finals are complete (and I passed all my classes.  In fact, my GPA went up this term.  I'm not going to question it.)  I am so happy that the term is over and I can finally relax a bit.  Here's how I managed to survive that last week of classes/finals (which included three all-nighters):

My secret weapon.  They're called "chocolate covered espresso beans", but I call them "zOMGyumThesearesoADDICTIVE!!!1!!"  I need to remember that espresso actually makes me sick, but they did their job and kept me awake, while also providing a delicious dose of chocolate in the process.  Yum.

I am now at home and as of 4am this morning I have completed my grad school applications (minus one, which isn't due until the 15th).  Hooray for getting things done.

Oh, speaking of getting things done, look what I did!

I made socks.  They're only ankle socks because I have large feet and the remaining yarn would only have gotten me to an awkward length up the leg.  I only ever wear ankle socks anyway, so I'm quite happy with these.

Needles: Size US 0 (2.00mm), magic loop
Yarn: Hand-dyed by Liz of MacKintosh Yarns (thanks Liz!)
Time taken: October 31, 2009 - November 29, 2009

The only modifications I made were, obviously, to shorten the leg of the sock.  After the heel, I did one zig (half of the zig-zag pattern, naturally) before switching to the boat motif.  I only did one row of sailboats before finishing up the sock with some rows of twisted rib and then a fantastic stretchy bind off that you all have to try ASAP.

Look, it doesn't flare out, and it stretches for miles!  I definitely prefer to it to a sewn bind-off, and it's easier to do, too (in my opinion).  Seriously, if you're a toe-upper, you definitely have to give this one a try.

This pattern utilizes a short row toe and heel, but I'm not sure how I feel about them yet.  You see, they short row shaping creates a ridge on the inside of the sock that I sort of thought was uncomfortable at first.

I then exacerbated the problem by weaving in my end along that ridge (well, the one on the other side).  However, now that I've worn the socks around all day yesterday (and I wore them to bed last night.  Be quiet, it gets cold here, and my feet are always freezing as it is), I don't feel the ridge anymore.  I'm not an un-fan of the short-row toe/heel technique, but I don't know if it's my favorite.  Oh well, whatever floats your boat!

...and speaking of boats (man, I just love my clever segues...)

Aren't those boats fantastic, parading their way around my ankle?  Yeah, I thought so too.  You can see in this picture the one other thing I didn't entirely like about the pattern, although it would be just fine if I hadn't made these ankle socks.  The row of eyelets below the sailboats has a tendency to pucker up on these socks which I think is a little unattractive.

All in all though, it's a great pattern and I'm so happy to have another pair of wool socks for myself.  Why don't I knit socks more often?


  1. Woohoo! A finished semester AND a finished pair of socks! Now you're going to email me back more often, right? ;-)

  2. you are so cute. you don't knit more socks because you knit sweaters and also go to school and apply for grad school and and and.
    nice socks!

  3. Congrats! What a relief it must be to have passed all the exams - and what a splendid way to celebrate, finishing a pair of beautiful socks for yourself too!

    I like everything about the socks, but especially those boats. Thanks for the bind-off link! Got to try that some day.

  4. Look at you Mr. Non-Procrastinator! Good job on your apps and socks. I've always thought ankle socks are more fun anyway.

  5. Over on my blog I have a tutorial for Sherman short rows. No ridges!! It's my short row method of choice now, and I highly recommend.

    Good work on the grad school apps. Hopefully that'll make your next semester a lot more mellow.

  6. Congrats on finishing and upping the GPA!

    Not only do you Have Socks, but you Have Wonderful Socks! I didn't realize they'd have boats. That's a nice touch.

    I'd recommend the short rows from here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lifestyle-toe-up-socks---no-swatch-needed

    Easiest ones I've found, and no ridge, and it stays stretchy.

  7. Buzz beans! The socks are awesome - your short rows are so tidy. I need to practice picking up wraps.

    Now stop being so productive and talented - you're making us all look bad.


  8. Congratulations! You've worked really hard to get this far and that's impressive. Go you!

    I like your socks, that's a lovely shade of blue. I was listening to Cast On today and she was raving about the same bind off. What are the odds? I suppose since you said so, now I'll have to go check it out. :P

  9. Awesome! I'm definitely going to check out that bind off. That's my biggest problem with my first pair of socks, and now I'm making a pair for my sister, so this comes at the perfect time.

    Congrats on your GPA and finals being finished!

  10. Great socks! I also like short socks, though perhaps half an inch higher. I made a pair like yours and my ankles got cold. Weird, I know... Congrats on your semester!

  11. Those are some great looking socks! Congratulations on getting things done. You should be proud of your educational achievements!

  12. Yay! Congrats on finishing your semester, finishing the socks and finishing your grad apps! Wow, that is a lot of finishing for one semester. LOL... Anyway, I think the socks are beautiful and I enjoy the colour. Now, sit back, take a breather from everything and enjoy your break!

  13. I totally agree with our Carrie.

    Btw, not all short rows are created equal. I'm just sayin'...


  14. Why oh why are you tempting me to start another pair of socks with the allure of a stretchy bind off. I've got Christmas gift socks in progress that must be finished.

  15. I love the socks!! They turned out wonderfully!! I could also go for some of those chocolate covered espresso beans...

  16. Congrats!! I remember eating coffee grounds during a couple nights of desperation, back in the day. I'm not sure if it was the coffee or the lack of sleep that did me more harm.

  17. Wow, those socks look great! And since I'm a toe-up kinda guy, I'm definitely gonna try that bind-off. I'm just finishing up the first of a pair now, and I was dreading the floppy "flare-out" that you can often get when binding off socks. Your advice is perfectly timed:)

  18. Stop it with the beans already!
    (p.s. i need to read this more often so these comments are more timely. but seriously, no more chocolate espresso beans. you're killing me, man)