Wednesday, February 16, 2011

King Of The Universe

Screw Balance, I'm going to win every time.

I sat down this morning and had the most wonderful time ripping out that hat.  Really, I did.  I drank my tea and ate a brownie and thoroughly enjoyed starting fresh with a new idea.  No more cables - those didn't work out.  (See?  I didn't try the same thing twice.  I'm learning from my mistakes).  I decreased some stitches after the ribbing (yes, I removed some stitches from a hat that everyone already thinks is too small.  I live on the wild side).  And then I knit on my merry way.

Before I knew it I had a finished hat in my hands, and despite what others may have thought, the hat fits wonderfully.  As I slipped this hat on in front of my bathroom mirror I silently thought to myself that I was in fact crowning myself King of the Universe.  That's right, the Universe holds no power over me and this hat crown proves it.

While I was knitting this pattern all I could think was that it reminded me of windowpanes.  As soon as I slipped it on and looked in the mirror, however, my immediate reaction was "turtle shell!"  So this is now my Turtle Shell Hat, although it's not really mine because I'm sending it off to my friend along with Ptarmigan (another project named after an animal) because I owe her one.

This cowl was obnoxiously difficult to photograph.  Well, I thought I had done a pretty good job until I actually loaded the photos onto my computer.  At least you can tell that it's done - ends woven in and everything.  I loved working with the Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk.  It was so soft and drapey, I couldn't get enough of it.  Blocking this cowl really helped the pattern show more clearly, but I felt that wet blocking it may have flattened the halo of the alpaca a bit.  It looked a bit more lifeless after I blocked it than before.

I think it looks like butterflies.  And really, who wouldn't want to slip this over their head to give their neck a bit more warmth and comfort?

I'd like to see what the Universe tries to throw at me next!


  1. Those are both great knit items, but ... you're kind of asking for it, there at the end, aren't you? Did you at least knock wood? The knitting fates can be really inventive.

    Anyway, nice knits!

  2. Loving the turtle shell hat! And that cowl is scrumptious. I've been thinking about cowls lately...I never thought I would want anything but a scarf, but am not loving the scarf bulk down the front of my coat anymore. Cowls seem like a good solution. Because I need another obsession. Thanks, dude. ;-D

  3. Your IToldYouSo expression in that first one is classic.

  4. I bet it pops off. I knit a too-small hat once, and I could get it on my head just fine, but, as I wore it, it would work its way up my head until it ... popped off. I bet that hat pops off too.

  5. Mutant knitting turtles, yay!

    The hat has turned out really great, well done!

  6. Yep, I knew it. Yarndude-1, Universe-0.
    I hope your friend enjoys her new hat. It looks fantastic.

  7. Way to stay large and in charge of that yarn! The hat came out great!

    The cowl looks incredibly luxurious.

  8. Peter, I love the hat! Go with your gut, that's the way the universe works. The cowl looks like 'buttah'.

  9. I knew you could do it! Love the Turtle hat!! I need to try that cowl again...I cast on for it once, but found it a bit fiddly at first. I love your choice of yarn for it!!

  10. Such a pretty boy!


    Wonderful knitting! I am so glad you showed that hat who's boss. Have you tried giving the cowl a bit of a shake? That might help the alpaca refluff a bit.

    Want to fix a bad scarf? ;^)


  11. DH is done w/ being King. He frequently declares himself "EMPEROR" of the Universe. Great hat... way lovely cowl.

  12. The hat, and cowl, came out AWESOME!!! Good job!

  13. Nice job with the hat. Very impressed. And is that a Blue Whale I spy? Color me jealous (again). Make sure you keep notes of that hat so you can make more--I think it's really cool!

  14. The hat looks great and I LOVE that cowl!