Thursday, February 24, 2011

Malabrigo Wars

There appears to be an ongoing battle in my apartment between my projects.  It was pointed out quite accurately in the comments of an earlier post that I might need to get myself some more needles so that I don't have to continue stealing them from other projects.  I tend to have this problem with size 6 and 7 needles specifically (they're the ones I use most often.)

Things were going well.  I stole my 7's from my brother's blanket to knit the wrist warmers, then stole them from that ill-fated project before it was finished to knit a neckwarmer.  As soon as that was finished I knit the Turtle Shell Hat and then they were slid nicely back into the blanket as if nothing had happened.

Then I picked up my 6's.  I cast on a pair of Clepsydra mittens after seeing Margene's beautifully knit pair.

I finished one mitten (minus a thumb) in just a few days and then horror struck.

During my usual spell of "Second Mitten Syndrome", an innocent little thing crept in a snatched up the needles.

I know it looks like a regular ball of beautiful Malabrigo Sock, but it's much more vicious than you might imagine.  This yarn is sneaky.  It quickly cast itself onto the needles and began to grow...

I don't know how it happened.  Really, this is a very controlling ball of wool.  The last time the mitten tried to get the needles back it got, well, attacked.

I don't think this shawl is going to let the needles out of its grasp until it's finished.  The mitten is ok, but it does have a few puncture wounds from battle.

Poor mitten.


  1. Clearly you need to invest in more needles for the sake of peace.

  2. What Mel said. lol
    I have no doubt you can knit two projects at one time. And, dude! You could cough up the name of the shawl.

  3. Yeah, more needles are clearly in order.

    Excellent photos! Did you get a light box?

  4. What pattern are you using for the shawl?? I project-stalked you and couldn't find it! :(

  5. yeah, more needles. think about how many you might need, then double it. If that seems excessive, double it again. Then you will only be one set short. I think I have four or five sets of size 5 tips...

  6. 1) I totally wouldn't sweat it this time. It's Malabrigo! Of course you'll get back to the second mitten...eventually.

    2) Is that the Persia colorway? It looks more blue than I expected.

    3) I agree with everyone else: post the name of that pattern!!!

  7. This is why god created interchangeable needles! I keep trying to remind myself that it's good to change them back to the project from whence they came, yet they just won't listen! Beautiful mitten!!

  8. This post is just too funny !

    I hope your mitten finds it's other half "eventually" and recovers quickly from all the carnage ;D

  9. Dude, you made my day! *lol*

    I oppose getting new needles, the resident ones might get territorial and chase away the new set.

    I love the shawl, and I am (as usual) impressed with your knitting speed. How do you do that? Tell me how you mastered knitting in your sleep, it's just not possible otherwise. :D


    (please don't ask me to explain. I don't know.)

  11. Those projects, geesh... so beautiful, yet so bossy. Definitely get more needles...

  12. I think someone should take pity on you and send you a size 6 and 7 needles. Are those knit picks needles like I think?

  13. Someone needs your new address - you are due for a Care Package.


  14. Monogamy might be something to consider for your knitting life, sweetie. Just a thought.

  15. These pictures made my day! Do all knitter have this problem with 6's and 7's? I feel like those are the only sizes I ever buy and I still don't have enough!

  16. Come on, Malabrigo, smile on your brother, everybody get together. try to love one another. right now.

    Hee! These pictures are fantastic. I love your mitten contrast. That yellow is so cheery.