Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yes, I Really Want It

I managed to snap some photos of the Westward hat I made out of Malabrigo Twist today.  It was decided upon completion that the color combination was too feminine for myself or for The Composer, so I handed it off to someone I knew would appreciate it.

What she won't appreciate is that I've posted this picture of her on the internet.  What she will appreciate is that I chose this one and not one of the others...

...because there were others.

I finished up my Blue Whale last week as well and wore it for the first time today.

I pinned it out quite quickly, but it's going to be scrunched around a neck when in use anyway, so I wasn't too picky.

I love the colors in this yarn, and the 25% silk gives it a nice sheen and drape.  The nature of the stitches in the scarf also makes it completely reversible, so I don't have to bother checking which side is the right side before putting it on (but I do anyway because I'm like that).

I took several pictures of myself wearing it, but unlike my friend in the Westward, I am able to veto the inclusion of those on my own blog, so the above are all you get.

Moving right along, I decided to do something about my cold hands instead of simply sit on my couch every day wishing that I had a warm pair of fingerless gloves.  Am I the only one who does this?  I think of all the wonderful things that would make my life more comfortable, but I never quite kick my arse into doing them.  Mainly because I don't think of knitting wrist warmers when I have time, I think of doing it when I'm cold and normally I'm cold when I'm studying or climbing into bed or something.  Well, one day I was cold AND had time, so I scrounged around for a bit.

I found several small leftover balls of Noro Kureyon in a drawer and decided the best approach would be to spit join them together and go to town with some striping.  It's times like these that I am glad I'm colorblind.

I don't know why I'm still entertaining the idea that this will become a pair of wrist warmers some day.  The worst of the colors have yet to come and that photo is not playing tricks on your eyes.  That sickly tube of stripes really does get smaller towards the top and no, there's no reason for it.  I think it's Knitting's way of telling me that this project should not continue.  This is a fact that I should have accepted ten inches ago when I tried it on and found it was two inches too big.  I knit on with complete faith that when I'm done it will be the right size.  Oh, and did I tell you my plan?   Here it is: knit one long tube of stripes with ribbing at both ends, then cut it in half, put some more ribbing on the cut ends, then cut holes somewhere for thumbs to be put on.  Knitting two separate wrist warmers would have just been too difficult.  No, this project is doomed to fail.

Besides, I stole the needles to knit something much more wonderful.

I was in desperate need of a visit to the yarn shop.  I took The Composer with me and before we got there I told him that he was not allowed to let me buy anything I didn't really want.  In order for him to know if I really wanted it, he was required to ask me.  It went something like this.

Me:  Ooh!  Look at this yarn!
Him: That's nice.
Me:  It's beautiful!
Him: Peter, you're caressing that yarn a little too excitedly.
Me: I'm going to get it.
Him: Do you really want it?
Me: Of course!

...ten minutes later...

Me: Ooh!  Look at this yarn!
Him: That's nice.
Me: Ooh, and this one, too!  And this one!  I want them all.
Him: Do you really want it?
Me: Yes!   Would you quit asking me that?

...five minutes later...

Me: Hey!  Look at this!
Him: Do you really want it?
Me: YES!  For the last time, yes, I want it.  Why do you keep asking me if I want the yarn?  Can't you tell that I want it?!

I think I should have told him to ask me if I needed the yarn.  Then his questions might have had more influence.  Apologies to The Composer for a brief outburst about his questioning me (I felt like I was under oath or something!).  I blame it on the wool fumes.  You'll understand one day.

I cast on that Alpaca Silk immediately to make Ptarmigan for a friend.

There's more of a story behind it, but I can't share it all right now.  Just know that I am responsible and should do better next time.  That's how life works, right?

That's what these are for, too.

and I'm knitting socks.  What is this world coming to?


  1. Everything is beautiful. Sounds like a song. I love your enthusiasm. I also enjoyed your trip to Bali but was too shy to say so at the time.

  2. I am going to need to know what that sock yarn is so I can immediately run out and buy some and drop everything I have on the go to make them.

  3. 1) Your Blue Whale looks awesome and now I'm jealous. Ironic, no?

    2) I like whatever backdrop you rigged up for your photos.

    3) I cannot WAIT to see what happens to those wristwarmers, so for that reason alone you have to keep working on them.

    4) Alpaca Silk...drool...

    5) It kinda cracks me up that your socks are always so short. That's what you get for having big feet!

    6) If I were your friend, I would disown you for posting that photo, even though no one's looking at her and everyone's looking at the hat.

  4. Love it all, including the interrogation. The yarn in your Blue Whale is absolutely gorgeous.

    I'm also jealous of the Ptarmigan.

    As for the Noro thing, don't stop. If it fits, call it 'shaping.' If your wrist doesn't fit it, stick it over a bottle and call it a day. Or a cozy. Or Bob.

  5. There's definitely a difference between 'want' and 'need' when it comes to yarn. ;o)

  6. Yeah, David's asked the need question a few times, too. I hope he knows better than to ask that when we're in Iceland, though.

  7. It is impossible to stay away from yarn purchases if one enters a yarn shop. The yarns you bought look sumptuous! Blue Whale is amazing! I love the construction and the yarn.