Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mittens By Number

1.  My sister has started blogging again!  You should stop by to say hello.  It could be worth it (just sayin').

2.  Yesterday I was overcome with a deep, passionate desire to knit stranded mittens.

3.  I had the yarn, but didn't have DPNs the right size (?!?!?!)

4.  I went to the yarn store and came back with yarn for the mittens, but no needles.  (Thus costing me money and defeating the purpose of the trip.)

5.  I made it work by using the two 6" Knit Picks harmony needles I found, two 5" Brittany birch, and one 8" Clover bamboo.  (I won't get into why none of these were acceptable.  Apparently I'm more picky than I thought.)

6.  I didn't much like that set-up, but I love the pattern (Marko's Mittens from Folk Knitting in Estonia) and I'm using Jamieson's, so there's a lot of love going around.  (I've had a things for natural, woolen-spun yarns for a while, too.)  (I saw some other yarn that was "moth-proofed."  I don't know what that means, but I was instantly upset by it.  I don't like my yarn tampered with.)

7.  I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to start a pair of mittens at 1am, but I seem to have managed the cast on just fine.

8.  That second braid, though, the pretty white/red one?  It's wrong.  It's supposed to be black and red.

9.  It's fixed now.

10.  Now I just need to figure out how it's going to fit on my hand.

11.  I'm sure it'll be fine when it's done.

12.  Be quiet, I can hear what you're thinking.


  1. 1) You're doing a number list! I like number lists. :)

    2) Thanks for sending people to my blog.

    3) I originally typed that as "blgo" and couldn't figure out what was wrong with it.

    4) Have I mentioned to you yet that I'm tired today?

    5) I'm a little confused: you wanted different needles but then didn't get different needles (on accident, I assume). So you thought that instead of using a complete set of needles that you already had, it would be BETTER somehow to cobble together a set from three different ones?

    6) At least if the mittens turn out wonky you can blame the needles, not the knitter.

  2. Clumsy's list response is really great. Sometimes, a dude just wants to knit mittens at 1 in the morning. It happens.

  3. 1. What size needles do you need?
    2. Are you sure you're not knitting mittens for a toddler?
    3. At least, you knit.
    4. xoxox

  4. I love this kind of mittens !
    You're doing a great job :D

  5. How come you aren't using that Malabrago that I am coveting? Just kidding! Looks like you are doing a pretty good job, so DON'T STOP!

    Linda (the one that isn't Johnny)

  6. Am I the only one who is willing to admit what I'm thinking? Which is: you should rip those out RIGHT NOW and start over. Otherwise, you're going to be in for a world of yarn hurt when you get up to the gusset and realize they aren't going to fit you.
    Just sayin'.
    But they are lovely.
    And I'm sure you'll do a brilliant job knitting them. You are a brilliant knitter, after all.
    And funny.

  7. I feel your need to knit stranded mittens. I have so many that I want to knit RIGHT NOW, but I'm trying to restrain myself to finish up projects that have been sitting around...

    I think we need to talk about sizing, though...

  8. Beautiful just beautiful, right now I am knitting cookie monster mittens (to match a ear flap cookie monster hat already made) so I am jealous that you get to knit something so nice. I am very happy to see a young man knitting. Maybe I can convince some of my grandsons to learn!