Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saved By The Bell

Phew, that was a close one.  You guys were almost graced with yet another boring post about unfinished mittens (things are better now.  Remind me to tell you about how fickle those stupid mittens are later) when a package arrived at my door.  It was from my sister, so it was bound to be good.

A crap ton of yarn.  Most of it is O-Wool Legacy DK, except the four blue skeins on top which are O-Wool Classic.

Uh, guys, that's a ton of wool.  I'm so excited.  (And no.  I don't have any plans for it just yet.  Why would you think that?)

That's all I was expecting to be in the box, but apparently my sister couldn't resist to throw in some extras.  Like this:

She had been raving about this yarn and talking about how great it is to work with (Dream in Color Smooshy - With cashmere!) (I'd link to it, but their website is under construction right now.) and now that I can hold it in my hands, I know exactly what she was talking about.  I may have rubbed it all over my face when I picked it up.

Then there was this lotion bar and I have to tell you, it actually almost gave me a heart attack at first.

You probably didn't even notice, but a while back a made reference to the fact that I may have lint-rolled an entire colony of ants off of my carpet.  What I didn't mention was that they did the freakiest thing.  Did you know that ants make noise?  Yeah, neither did I, but I do now!  I discovered it when I was holding this lint roller (oh my god, I still feel so guilty about this I can barely talk about it) full of ants up near my head and all of a sudden this freaky, terrifying sound started getting louder and louder...  It was like, well, it was like a nightmare.  It was sort of like a scratching sound, but much more nightmarish and knowing that it was coming from an entire colony of ants put me over the edge.  It must have been their war cry.  By the time I was done (oh my god, I'm such a horrible person!) I could hear the sound from across the room.   I even recorded it on my iPhone because I knew people wouldn't believe me (you should see their faces when they hear it.  Fear.  That's what's on their face.)

Anyway, so I also didn't tell you that after that day, I think the ants have been coming back to haunt me.  Really.  Whenever I'm around the massacre site a single ant will appear.  And it doesn't just appear on the carpet next to me - it magically comes into being on my arm, or on my neck, or on my leg and I know that maybe it could have just crawled there without my noticing, but I don't think so.  I think these are ant ghosts coming back to haunt me.  Sometimes when I brush them off they disappear.  Completely.  I even gently do it so I can watch where they land, but they never do (land, that is).  They just disappear.  Gone.  Poof.  Ant ghosts.

So because of my irrational belief that I'm being haunted by a colony of ants seeking revenge, I'm a bit paranoid and when I first saw that tin of lotion, I thought it had a picture of an orange covered in ants and I almost cried.  But don't worry, they're just cloves.  (I have another theory about the ants, but when I ran it past my brother earlier today he seemed to think I was a lunatic.  So I'm just going to stick with the ghost and theory.)

Moving on.  Also in the box was this:

Silk caps!  Ooh, I'm so excited to play around with these.  I can't decide what to do, though.  I could give it a try spinning them and I'm sure that would be super fun, or I could do what the Yarn Harlot did and turn them into yarn without actually spinning them and that would be super cool, too (I've actually been looking at silk hankies online lately for just that reason) and this is just the right amount to experiment with, so maybe I'll do both.

And with that I'm off to go search for the first episode of Season 3 of Drop Dead Diva.  (Does anyone else watch that show?  My brother got me hooked.)  Yep, my life is a bundle of excitement (and yarn.)


  1. I suspect you'll find wonderful projects for all that yarn. Have a great time with the silk caps. As for those ant ghosts...they're scarier than the colony.

    Oh, btw, if your sister is looking for an additional recipient of such lovely yarns...I'm adoptable. ;-)

  2. sheesh! remind me to proof read and proof read again before submitting a comment...

    the last line should have read as:
    "Oh, btw, if your sister is looking for an additional sibling recipient of such lovely yarns...I'm adoptable. :-)"

  3. Um, wow, the ant ghost story was the NORMAL one? Have fun with the silk. We'll expect a report back!

  4. Mwahahahaha! Yeah, I was sitting with that brother you referred to in your post while I was reading it and he told me exactly what your other ant theory was. Don't worry, Peter, I really don't think that you are MADE OF ANTS.

    I do think that you need to get ant traps to get rid of them. You can't just let the ant colony survive and get into other people's apartments too. I know you hate killing living creatures, but really: you cannot just gently brush the ants off of you and leave it at that!


  5. Behold, the bounty! That silk looks incredible. And yes, I haven't knit with Smooshy, but I have fondled it. It is glorious. Sorry you're having ant flashbacks. :/

  6. I knew I should have had a sister.

    In bocca al lupo con le formiche! (good luck with the ants)

  7. You are the cutest thing in the world. You really are. Can you play the ant cry while you're on the phone with someone because I totally want to hear it.

    Fabulous package from your adorable sister!

    Oh, and the ants deserve to die. Trust me.


  8. Ants....::::::SHUDDER:::::: One of the early dreams I remember is a giant queen termite sitting on her chair, large turgid abdomen throbbing and hanging off the chair and along the floor, bossing me around. I know they are NOT related to ants taxonomically, but they are similar in their colonial behavior. Maybe I had just seen THEM! Don't watch it! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0047573/

    oooooh, way lovely yarn!